Product Groups

At SST Enclosures, you can get wall cabinets, floor cabinets, hygiene cabinets, terminal boxes, outdoor cabinets, desks and special cabinets of the highest quality and in accordance with strict authority requirements. 

Wall Cabinets

At SST Enclosures, you can have your wall cabinet tailored to your wishes and requirements. The quality is extremely high, and the cabinets also meet requirements within the food industry and other industries where hygiene requirements are crucial.

The standard program is available in many different dimensions, and all wall cabinets are manufactured in stainless steel AISI 304 and acid-proof steel AISI 316 grinded plate, max. roughness Ra = 0.4 µm, which meets the requirement for food-approved products.

As standard, the lock is a 3 mm double tab locking system, however, we can produce which ever locking system your solution requires.

Floor Cabinets

We produce floor cabinets according to customer-specific wishes.

The cabinets are IP 66 and UL 50 Type 4 & 4X-certified and are produced in stainless steel AISI 304 (DIN 1.4307), acid-resistant steel AISI 316 L (DIN 1.1404), aluminum and painted steel plate.

The mounting plate is made of 3 mm galvanized sheet, and as standard, the locking is a 3 mm double tab locking system, however, we can produce which ever locking system your solution requires.

The cabinets are manufactured with an 85-degree bent water nose. The opening angle of the door is approx. 110 degrees.

Hygiene Cabinets

Our entire range of wall cabinets is offered in a hygienic design that meets strict regulatory requirements.

In addition to our well-known standard wall cabinet solutions, the hygiene cabinets have, among other things, these additions:

  • Inclined top angle 15°-45° slope
  • Drip edge, overhang over the door
  • Easy-to-clean closures
  • Material: AISI 304 or AISI 316L
  • Easy-to-clean surfaces (Ra max. 0.4 µm)
  • Door with a 75-degree bend
  • Sealing strip, EPDM with closed cell structure
  • Internal hinges
  • Designed according to the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG) design guidelines
  • The cabinets are tested according to IP69K cf. DIN 40059-9

The cabinets are manufactured in both standard and custommade sizes.

Terminal Boxes

SST Enclosures manufactures terminal boxes in stainless steel AISI 304 and acid-resistant steel AISI 316.

The cover screws are provided with straight notches and are located outside the water nose. The water nose is bent 5 degrees above the angle.

Have the optimal terminal box tailormade for your specific project or choose from our extensive standard program of terminal boxes in many different dimensions.

The terminal boxes have the following certifications: IP66 and UL type 4 and 4X.

Outdoor Cabinets

SST Enclosures provides complete customized solutions for outdoor applications. Outdoor applications usually require great IP tightness, corrosion resistance and demand a strong, stable construction solution.

Ensuring that water cannot enter the cabinet; that water can stand on the gasket, or the frost that destroys the surface of the gasket over time, are just some of the parameters that we make sure do not happen in an SST solution.

At the same time, an SST outdoor solution is the combination of everything we know from industrial solutions for unique projects, design and sizes are incorporated into the final model.


Consoles are used for a multitude of different purposes in all types of industries and service segments, both as a part component and a complete solution. They are manufactured in commonly used materials such as stainless steel, painted sheets and aluminium.

Examples of console usage:

  • Bridge equipment for ships
  • Computer station with cutout for monitor
  • Pull-out solutions for keyboard
  • Engine room console for guard vessel

Special Cabinets


SST Enclosures develops and produces special cabinets, special boxes and special consoles in materials such as aluminium, painted sheet steel, stainless steel AISI 304 and acid-proof steel AISI 316.

All products are manufactured based on CAD/CAM technology.

In close cooperation and completely in line with the customer's wishes, specifications and requirements for material and surface treatment, we find the optimal solution.

Let’s Find the Optimal Steel Solution for Your Product

Every project is different, and we always adapt our solutions to your specific product, requirements and authority certifications.

We are ready to answer your questions, and you are very welcome to write or call us.