About SST Enclosures

Specialists in design and production of stainless steel enclosures


Unique Stainless Steel Solutions Through 30 Years

SST Enclosures are specialists in designing and producing stainless steel enclosures for a wide range of purposes within industries.

The enclosures are intended to protect sensitive and critical equipment from the surrounding environment, for which stainless steel is an ideal material due to its indestructible properties.

Over the years, we have refined our production processes and built up a unique expertise in this product area, and today we have the industry's greatest know-how within design and development as well as production and finish.

All products meet the highest quality requirements and are tested and certified according to current standards.

A Visionary Enterprise

SST Enclosures was founded in 1995 under the name ‘Sindal Stålindustri’, and today we are 45 employees.

Primary customer segments are the food & beverage industry and the pharmaceutical industry, but SST Enclosures' products also find their way into many other industries, including the wind industry and the marine sector.

From left: SST Enclosures is owned by CEO Anders Martin Davidsen, Teidt Due, Ken Due and Sales Manager Ronni Schøler Mølving.



We deliver the highest quality and we do it consistently.


We promise a lot, and we always deliver more than we promise.


Precision is the common denominator in everything we do – both in customer service, production and delivery.


We are informal and present in our service. We deliver what we agreed on at the agreed time and budget.

Trust & Transparency

We are open, trusting and transparent in our processes – both internally and externally.

Our Compass

Why does SST Enclosures exist? How do we do our work and why do we do it? Our Why-How-What answers these questions and sets the direction for everything we do as a company, both externally and internally.


We are in this world to protect companies' critical equipment from their surrounding environment.


We have a maximized focus on quality, safety and aesthetics, and are specialists in designing and producing customized stainless steel enclosures.


Customer Service
We always go the extra mile to reach our goal and ensure the customer's full satisfaction and the product's finish. We advise in and tailor all solutions – here, ‘special’ equals ‘standard’.

We deliver the highest quality and we do it consistently. We are constantly working to optimize a product's performance. Only the best is good enough for our customers, and we guarantee that our products are certified, tested and that they meet all relevant standards and regulations.

Speed ​​and Precision
Speed ​​and precision are the common denominator in everything we do – both in our customer service, production and delivery. We deliver quickly and precisely at the agreed time and budget.

A Deal Is a Deal
We never say no and we honor all our agreements. Orderliness is our starting point for everything we do.

Open Dialogue
Trust and transparency are key values ​​in our internal and external relationships. We are informal, present and easy to get along with.

Safety and Environment
Safety for you and us is our first priority. We safeguard the environment and always aim for best practice.


Should We Work Together on Your Next Product?

Every project is different, and we always adapt our solutions to your specific product, requirements and authority certifications.

We are ready to answer your questions, and you are very welcome to write or call us.