SST Enclosures' solutions are based on the industry's best know-how regarding design, development, quality and the official certifications DEMKO IP 66 and UL type 4 and 4X.

That is why we understand that your critical equipment must be protected from the surrounding environment, and that your industry demands on quality and function are very high.


The DEMKO ‘D’ certifies that a product has been tested at DEMKO and found to be electrically safe in relation to:

  • Harmonized standards (e.g. EN/HD)
  • International standards (e.g. IEC)
  • National standards (e.g. DS)
  • Other national standards (e.g. UL)
  • Other relevant parts of the above-mentioned standards that form the basis of the certification

The DEMKO certificate can be used for marketing purposes in the EU and countries covered by the EEA agreement, and can prove legally useful in connection with product liability.


The UL label is famous and recognized in the United States and has been the symbol of electrical safety since it was integrated into the American consciousness in 1905.

The UL label represents excellence that was developed through 100 years and is recognized by authorities, insurance companies, manufacturers, retailers and, not least, by American consumers.

On an annual basis, more than 9 billion products are approved to receive the UL label.


The IP protection rating is an international standard that classifies a device's level of protection against contact with solid or liquid foreign bodies.

The typical IP classification is given based on two numbers which indicate the degree of protection for particles and the degree of protection for water respectively.


SST Enclosures use hygienic seals that comply with the criteria of the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) in the United States, which regulates food and pharmaceutical products.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is an international standard for quality management systems, which focuses on ensuring quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction in companies and organisations.

The certification confirms that SST Enclosures meets strict requirements for management processes, resource management and continuous improvement of products and services.

This certification means that our products and processes meet the highest standards for quality assurance and customer satisfaction.